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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Radical Islam Doesn't Exist! Right?

     I am aghast to see how fast the world is succumbing to global dhimmitude (subjection to sharia) while liberal factions and the media are trying to sell us on the concept that for the most part radical Islam is a minority problem. Of course, when radical Islam is proven to be the catalyst behind the latest terrorist attack (bus, embassy, school...you name it!), the right thing to do is to respond immediately, but not in kind because after all, the West doesn't comprise savages, so we better respond with an apology for the damage that radical Muslims have inflicted upon our western civilization. After all if Islam has become radicalized, it is only because they were forced into it out of despair for an unattainable self-determination. In other words, we are forcing them into it! Right?
     Dhimmitude can be forced or voluntary, and while in many countries where Islam is the majority ideology, people have little choice but to comply with sharia or lose a limb or two if not their life, there is still a myriad of places where dhimmitude is a choice, and my question is: "why in the world would anybody want to submit to a retrograde ideology taking us back to the middle-ages"? I am puzzled!
     I am so tired of hearing people telling me that Islam is a "religion of peace". Dhimmitude feeds the beast of Islamic hatred as it keeps growing to a size that will soon engulf the whole planet.

     • A Global Intifada
     The last couple of weeks have seen a  resurgence of violent activity worldwide aimed at embassies with no sign that the carnage will stop, as we approach the Muslim Friday prayers again, a new wave of attacks could very well erupt.
     This could possibly become a global intifada (uprising) against not only America "the Great Satan", but other countries in Europe and the rest of the world. Of course, Israel is always a prime target but never the sole target of radical Islam, also keeping in mind that Israel must be understood as a broader term for ALL JEWS of the world. So much for a peaceful religion!

     • A False Premise
     The release of a short movie that depicts Islam and the prophet Mohammed in less than favorable light has propelled radicals to the streets once again, demanding apologies for insulting their prophet. The making of the movie, the director as well as funding, remain cloaked in a shroud of mystery. One thing that is starting to emerge though, is the fact that the response to the movie (which by the way was published several months ago) was more of a planned violent attack than a reactive defense of Islam and its prophet. Christians don't kill when Yeshua (Jesus) is mocked. Jewish people don't kill when Moses is ridiculed. Only Muslims threaten to behead you if you speak poorly of the prophet of the religion of peace. Freedom of speech is not an option. Heck, forget freedom of speech or freedom of press, FREEDOM IS NOT AN OPTION IN ISLAM!
     France is also under attack for publishing another issue of "Charlie Hebdo" satirical magazine depicting Mohammed pushed in a wheelchair by an orthodox Jew (based on a very successful recent movie "the untouchables"). Protesters all over the Muslim world marched the streets, burned flags and shouted "Death to America, Death to France". While I do not read "Charlie Hebdo" by personal choice, I recognize the right to satirical publications, especially in France where the art form goes back several centuries. Imams have the right to demand an apology if offended, just like the Jewish community has the right to demand an apology if a synagogue is firebombed, a cemetery is desecrated or public property defaced. But, please let's not kill one another over this!

   • An Enemy by Proxy
     Those who fall into dhimmitude, being in Europe, in North America or anywhere else in the "still civilized world" become enemies of Western Civilization by proxy. They might not behead their neighbors or burn the house next door but they increasingly facilitate this final push that Islam is making to take over the world. They might still be choosing to do so blinded by their one-sided tolerance, yet, soon they will not have a choice anymore as THEY will have become the victims of their own political correctness.
     I am ashamed to say that America is at the forefront of this politically correct dhimmitude virus that now is spreading faster that I even thought possible. The current administration is doing very little to stop the endemic global radicalization of Islam. On the other hand, we seem to help them infiltrate all levels of our schools, government agencies, political parties and media outlets. I wonder if the libelous statements of "Jewish control" of the banks, the media, the political scene and Hollywood will survive the Islamic invasion? Well, it probably will since THE BLAME IS ALWAYS ON THE JEWS!
     Our president is not exempt, as he chose to appear on David Letterman Late Night Show (nothing against Letterman) instead of meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu. Additionally, the state Department is currently working with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to promote a new resolution (Resolution 16/18) prohibiting speech that incites violence. Of course, we can most certainly expect that resolution to be bathed in double standards. In an appearance after the embassy bombings in Cairo and Libya, President Obama stated that: "there is no religion that condones the targeting of innocent men and women". I beg to differ Mr. President. You should look into this "religion of peace" more carefully!
     It is my conviction that Muslims who claim to be moderate simply are cultural Muslims who loosely apply the Qur'an to their daily lives if at all.

  • The only Master worth serving
     In the Great War against the West currently being waged by Islam, Israel is only bootcamp training. We all are next on the agenda. An agenda that has already been put in motion by the way! So if anybody, even for a moment, thinks that Israel is the problem in the Middle East and that Jews must be stopped so that peace can prevail, they are definitely the ideal candidate for a dhimmi.
                           As for me and my house we will serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15)
     If I am going to be a dhimmi or a "protected subject", I want to be a subject of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, because of His love and Grace for me, for all those who are lost and that includes all Muslims. Yeshua (Jesus) is the ONLY WAY FOR ALL (John 14:6)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

President Obama's Stance on Israel Revealed!

     I have had my doubts about President Obama's true position on Israel and the Middle-East crisis from the start of his presidency. I often felt that the messages he sent were ambiguous at best and that his relationship with Prime Minister Netanyahu was less than appropriate for a head of state. But, in all fairness to both sides, and because I am not a political analyst by trade, I had to give it time, so I did.
     Today, I can honestly say that I no longer have doubts about President Obama's stance on Israel! The cat is definitely out of the bag. PRESIDENT OBAMA IS NO FRIEND OF ISRAEL, PERIOD!
     Most of us remember when President Obama didn't have the time to have dinner with Prime Minister Netanyahu after they had officially met at the White House. That was unfortunate but nevertheless plausible.
     Yet, what took place in the last few days solidified my opinion of President Obama's and his view of Israel. On September 11, Netanyahu reached out to our president and announced that he would be coming to the US later this month, hoping that the two could have a short meeting at the White House.
     In light of the situation with Iran and several other of Israel's neighbors in the Middle-East, this would appear to be an important request for a meeting of the two heads of state, if not a desperate cry for help from Netanyahu (although I am not convinced that crying for help is in Bibi's DNA!)
     The White House responded that President Obama's schedule would not allow him to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu. Originally I was flabbergasted at President Obama's decision simply because of the importance of such a meeting, for such critical time as this. Let's face it, it is no longer a matter of months before Iran gets nuclear power but a matter of weeks. Netanyahu can hear the clock ticking in his own backyard, and it was in no uncertain terms that he rightfully declared his concern to the US when he said:
“The world tells Israel, wait, there’s still time, and I say ‘Wait for what, wait until when?’” ... “Those in the international community who refuse to put a red line before Iran don’t have the moral right to place a red light before Israel.”
     Of course, this sounded a bit arrogant, nevertheless, it is the absolute truth. But it doesn't matter because our President is too busy to meet. Too busy with what? We must examine the White House's response IN CONTEXT of current events and of President Obama's schedule.
     As it turns out, President Obama is scheduled to be on the Late Show with David Letterman on September 18 (his fifth visit on the show and his second one as a U.S. president), so, OF COURSE he doesn't have time for Netanyahu. What a shame!
     I see President Obama's decision not to meet with Netanyahu as a major mistake from three different perspectives:

1.  A Mistake of diplomatic Proportions
     Never in the entire history of the United States was any Israeli prime minister ever treated that poorly or denied a meeting with the President, especially in a crisis situation such as the current one. President Obama being too busy for Mr. Netanyahu because he will appear on Letterman is a major slap in the face of Israel. But wait, could you please turn the other cheek Mr. Netanyahu while President Obama decides to meet with Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian President Morsi around the same time? PRESIDENT OBAMA IS NO FRIEND OF ISRAEL, PERIOD!

2. A Mistake of Political Proportions

     In about 50 days, on November 6, the fate of America will be decided. President Obama is struggling to get the necessary votes to put him back in office for another 4 years. I agree that campaigning is critical, but not at the expense of the only real ally we have in the middle-East (unless of course he doesn't care about Israel). He needs the Jewish vote more than ever and as it stands, many Jewish voters are not in such a hurry to put him back in office. It is going to take a lot more than a photo-op at the wailing wall to earn Jewish loyalty. Shunning Mr. Netanyahu like he just did might simply cost him the Jewish vote. PRESIDENT OBAMA IS NO FRIEND OF ISRAEL, PERIOD!

3.  A Mistake of Biblical Proportions

     Of course, there is an aspect that President Obama might be taking even more lightly, and that is the biblical mandate that Christians have to Israel and the Jewish people. He claims to be a Christian but has displayed very little fruit so far. His agenda for same-sex marriage and abortion most certainly sends a different message. Add to that his now obvious disdain for Israel and he might end-up finding himself on the cursing side of Genesis 12:3, not a good place to be for anybody as we are also reminded from Psalm 83:1-5 that when you go after Israel and the Jewish people, you go after God Himself!
     President Obama is not literally "going after Israel" but his lack of commitment and arrogance towards Israel is rapidly paving the way for those who won't think twice before going to war against her. Additionally, after seeing his response (of lack of) to the American embassy disaster in Libya, and the Cairo embassy incident, we ought to expect more of his true colors to come out in the weeks to come.  After all, President Obama said it himself about the Muslims on page 261 of his book The Audacity of Hope: “I will stand with the them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” Is there ANY context where this is not saying what this is saying? PRESIDENT OBAMA IS NO FRIEND OF ISRAEL, PERIOD!

     As we approach Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, I am reminded of the yearning that we Jews have to be in good terms with God. That is why every year at this season, we wish one another L'Shanah Tova Tikatev v'Taihateim, meaning "May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year". 
     It was almost 30 years ago that God inscribed my name in the "Lamb's book of life" not just for a good year but for a secured eternity in His presence, simply because I put my trust in the death and resurrection of Yeshua of Nazareth for my sins.
     As we are about to embark on the most important presidential election in the history of our country, now more than ever, your name needs to be inscribed in the "Lamb's book of life", because nothing is more certain that the uncertainty we are currently faced with!

L'Shanah tova to all of you who love my people!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Germany's Convenient Historical Amnesia is Dangerous for Jews Worldwide!

      Last July, I published an article regarding a recent court ruling banning ritual circumcision in Germany in which I expressed my grave concern about the decision and its parallel to the Nuremberg Laws of the 1930s.
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel immediately expressed her concern about the Cologne ruling and how it would undoubtedly affect freedom of religion in Germany. It sounded good at first. She vowed to find a solution as quickly as possible. While I was temporarily satisfied with her voicing her concern, I was not extremely hopeful that the ruling would be reversed or that a compromise would even be found. Two rabbis have already been charged since the June ruling.
     Let me reiterate that by virtue of its very bloody track record with the Jews, Germany is obviously  disqualified to make such a move.  Not that any country really would even have the right to forbid Jews to perform the age old brit milah (circumcision as ordained by God Himself in Genesis 17:9-14). Angela Merkel also expressed her fear that if the ban was upheld, Germany could become "a laughing stock". Poor choice of words Madam Chancellor, because this issue is certainly NO LAUGHING MATTER!
     It so happens that the next move was made yesterday by Germany when it was declared in Berlin that circumcision wasn't illegal as long as the parents consented and that it was performed by a doctor and not a mohel (a mohel is a Jewish man, usually a rabbi, qualified to perform the ritual of brit milah). So, doctors YES, but rabbis NO!
     What seems to be a victory for the Jewish community –and the Muslim community who also performs ritual circumcisions on boys before puberty–is actually a defeat! Circumcision viewed as a medical procedure might be allowed now, but it sends a chilling message to the Jewish community that they continue to be forbidden to perform it from a religious standpoint, something we have been free to do for thousands of years.
     Unless Germany's federal government decides to intervene and revert the ban, Jews in Germany will continue to be harassed, persecuted and even arrested for performing a religious rite that goes back to Genesis. I see no victory there!
     It was only 70 years ago when Germany forced the Jews out of society little by little. Back then, it was socially acceptable to loathe the Jews. We can even say that it was a duty to the Third Reich that every good German ought to perform. Anti-Semitism was the fuel that helped to move Hitler's war machine. We are only two or three generations removed from that event, and Germany is again dabbling with anti-Jewish laws. The sad part, is that we are not even talking about a revisionist country like Iran, claiming that the Holocaust never happened. We are dealing with a country who took decades to recover from the horrors it inflicted upon my people. And if you ask me, it has not recovered and learned from its horrific mistakes but instead it has gone into an inexcusable state of denial that I label convenient historical amnesia!
     But, some will ask: "why see this legal decision as anti-Semitic since it is also affecting close to 4 million Muslims?". After all, Berlin mayor Klaus Wowereit just declared that Berlin Jews can absolutely feel safe in his city and that he can even be seen wearing a kippa (skullcap) in solidarity with the Jewish community. Worry not Jews of Berlin your city is safe! Unless of course you are Jewish and wearing a kippa like the rabbi and his six-year old daughter attacked on the streets of Berlin last week by a group of four youth of Arab descent. What an empty statement of reassurance!
     By the way, we have yet to hear about Muslims breaking the law by performing their version of ritual circumcision.
     The very country that should proclaim their own version of NEVER AGAIN when it comes to Jewish hatred, is the one restraining Jewish life AGAIN. What a shame! What will happen in other countries who don't even have the shadow of the Holocaust looming in their own backyard? Germans have conveniently forgotten their guilt as they start to target Jews again while the rest of the world justifies anti-Semitism under the names of anti-Zionism and anti-Israelism.
     Germany is sending worldwide anti-Semites a clear message: "If WE of all people can forget the past, reenact it and get away with it, what do you all have to worry about?"
     I cannot help but be reminded of the verse found in Hebrews 10:31:
     It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God
     Those who go after my people like the German government at the current time, will have to answer to God for their actions, while those who love Israel (Genesis 12:3) and help my people, will find themselves in the center of God's will. Where would you rather be?