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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The All-American Muslim Deception!

     On november 27th, TLC (The Learning Channel) will start the broadcast of a weekly 8-part series titled "All-American Muslim"that takes place in Dearborn, Michigan. The program is some pseudo-reality show aimed at demystifying American Muslims and exposing Islamophobia.
     Several families are being followed in day-to-day activities, and while the show hasn't aired yet, the network's agenda is clear: "to paint Muslims in America as regular folks subjected to xenophobia or at the very least unjust suspicion of terrorism." The teaser for the show sends a simple message: "American Muslims are proud to be Americans while they are also committed to Islam.

     It is critical to recognize that not all Muslims are radicals, not all Muslims are interested in implementing Sharia Law in the United-States or the rest of the world, and certainly not all Muslims are terrorists. Any society painting a people group or community with such broad strokes is guilty or generalizing and marginalizing "the others" simply because they are different. A sad example of this is of course Nazi Germany and European Jews.
     So, the idea of exposing prejudice against Muslims in America should be welcome by all in the name of tolerance and multiculturalism. Actually, it has been welcome by the media and the masses, but forgive me for not joining the party quite yet.
     I am very concerned about the show's attempt to describe American-Muslims in a false light. To be sure, the families portrayed on the show are most certainly far removed from the Islamist/Jihadist mentality of total destruction of the infidels. Yet, the issues that concerns most of us westerners are strangely absent from the show. None of us should be suspicious of Muslims coaching football or opening a club, but we should worry about those who aim at destroying America and implementing Sharia Law (and they exist, even though they are nowhere described on the show).
     The show displays the apparent success of multiculturalism, but dangerously, it only looks at it from one perspective, the Muslim one. There is Jeff,  a catholic man who converts to Islam to marry a Muslim woman and all is well in the family. But what would happen in the Muslim community if the woman wanted to leave Islam to marry the man ( an action actually punishable by death under Sharia)? That question remains unanswered! Additionally, it is unclear if the ex-catholic is aware that his newfound faith requires him not only to deny his old faith but also to conduct jihad against it.
     The show is set in Dearborn, Michigan which happens to be the largest concentration of Muslims in America. Another fallacy lies in the fact that Dearborn is depicted as a mellow Muslim community while the reality is quite the opposite. Dearborn is a hotbed of Islamo-facism too often going unchallenged. Dearborn is pretty much the first serious American sharia enclave, and not the last at the rate things are going!
     Then there is the Imam who marries Jeff, the ex-catholic and Shadia, the Muslim woman. Imam Husham Al-Husainy is a radical Muslim who was featured on Sean Hannity Radio show in 2007 and who has ties to Hamas and Hizbullah. The following radio interview is a sobering example of how he avoids answering some very simple but very revealing questions while accusing and insulting the show host repeatedly.

      I am afraid that the American public has once again been led to believe that Islam is a religion of peace. As I have said it before, the only time when Islam would be a religion of peace would be when the whole world is under sharia. But even then, Muslim of different ideological upbringings like Sunnis and Shi'ites would still kill each other as we have already witnessed around the globe.
    Islam includes an accepted practice known as taqiyya, with the sole purpose of deceiving the unbelievers and promote Islam and Koranic law. The Qur'an is replete with verses that the All American Muslim families on the show would certainly not know how to justify, yet they exist and they are applicable under Sharia.
           I am very afraid that we are once again being DECEIVED
     While "true multiculturalism" is rapidly becoming a utopian concept with each move made by western civilization to accommodate Muslims, we can still claim that truth exist. In fact there can only be one truth, and I found that truth in the real book about brotherly love: the Bible, where the teachings of Yeshua (Jesus) remind us to "love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us" (Matthew 5:44).
        and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free
John 8:32

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Israel, Who Are Your Friends?

Not one day goes by anymore without Israel or the Jewish people being mentioned somewhere in the media. Today, it is becoming incredibly difficult to determine who the friends of Israel are, if any are left. From replacement theology to B.D.S (Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions) or from anti-Semitism to Christian Palestianism, the world is increasingly turning its back on Israel and the Jewish people.
The reason why I think that it is critical to identify Israel’s friends, is because there is a biblical mandate found in the book of Genesis (12:3) where God makes a covenant with Abraham:
I will bless him who blesses you and I will curse them who curse you.
This simple agreement that God made with the Jewish people through Abraham, includes the rest of the world as either those who bless or those who curse. There are only two choices there, and only one is worth making.
Identifying Israel’s foes is not always a difficult task, like for instance in the case of anti-Semitic acts perpetrated by KKK or neo-nazi fringe groups.
Just a couple of days ago in a Brooklyn neighborhood, several cars were torched swastikas were spray painted on public benches along with anti-Semitic messages written on the sidewalks and KKK painted on the side of a van. It all took place the day before the 73rd Anniversary of Krystallnacht. “The Night of Broken Glass” happened on November 10, 1938, when simultaneous violent attacks on Jewish businesses, Synagogues and properties occurred all over Germany.
Krystallnacht was a new phase in anti-Semitism and it helped it reach a point of no return believed by most historians to be the official starting point of the Holocaust.
Hate crimes like the one in Brooklyn happen regularly in the U.S. and even at a faster pace in Europe.
For instance, and again they fall under the “easy-to-identify” category, posters were plastered all over Paris starting on November 5, depicting the hand of an Israeli soldier stabbing a Palestinian child to death using a knife shaped like the map of Israel. Muslim hatred for Israel has become such an accepted “fact of life” that most of the civilized world has become desensitized to any display of anti-Israel or anti-Jewish sentiment. Yet it is on the increase.
Neo-Nazis and Islamists are expected foes of Israel and the Jewish people, but what about the Christian Church? Don’t Christians owe their Bible to the Jewish people? Isn’t Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah, a Jew in His humanity? Shouldn’t the Christians be supportive of the “People of the Book”?
United Methodists have recently passed Resolution No 11-16 Aligning United Methodist Church Investments with Resolutions on Israel/Palestine. In that resolution, the Board of the United Methodist Denomination voted in favor of divesting money from Israel because of what they call the “Occupation of Palestinian territories”. Other denominations have followed and more will undoubtedly join.
A simple but honest study of history will suffice to prove that the Palestinian people were invented in the mid-sixties to promote Yasser Arafat’s agenda of Israel’s takeover and the destruction of all Jews. The agenda still goes on and has now been accepted by the uneducated masses, as it is greatly facilitated by the liberal media. A large portion of western civilization is in cognitive dissonance when it comes to Israel’s right to exist AND right to the land, and unfortunately, it includes a vast majority of “Christians”. What a shame for a follower of the Jewish Messiah and His message of hope to want nothing to do with the original messengers.
Other Christians believe that the Church has replaced Israel in God’s plan. The Jewish people had their chance but they rejected Jesus so God rejected them. This theology of replacement is being taught all across America and worldwide by too many pastors and theologians. But the Bible teaches the opposite (see Romans 9-11). Israel is very much in God’s plan, and as a matter of fact it is in the center of God’s plan for all of mankind.
Then there are some Christians who under the guise of “loving Israel” will refrain from sharing the Gospel with anybody Jewish. “So much has been done against the Jewish people in the name of ‘Christ’ that today, we need to just love them” they say. I believe that hugging and loving a Jewish person while refraining from sharing the Gospel with them is the worst form of anti-Semitism that exists.
So, with such a gallery of foes, can we still find any friends for Israel? Who are those who choose to bless Israel?
The question we must first ask ourselves is: “what does it mean to be a real friend?”
A friend loves unconditionally,
A friend gives sacrificially and
A friend supports unequivocally
There are still some evangelical Christians who love and support Israel. When it comes to giving, financial support is good, but the most important gift is the one that never stops giving, and that is the gift of eternal life through the Gospel. Bible believing followers of the Jewish Messiah cannot call themselves Christians and hate Israel, because by doing so they also hate the God of Israel (Psalm 83:1-5).
There are still Christians who want to bless the Jewish people. I was led to my Jewish Messiah by such a person 28 years ago.
If we love Israel, we must support her with all of our heart and soul, against the evergrowing faction of foes such as neo-Nazis, Islamists, liberals and even many Christians. To be sure, I do not mean that we must accept every move that the Israeli government makes without any criticism, but biblically, the Jewish people ARE STILL the chosen people of God.
We are soon to enter into a presidential election year. Never in the history of the United-States has a government been so anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian. The ice is getting thinner (and this is not in reference to global warming). America is still a blessed land of opportunity, but we should tread very lightly. If our country turns its back on Israel, don’t act surprised if God turns its back on our country.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: “May they prosper who love you.”
(Psalm 122:6)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Freedom of Speech and Radical Islam: A Head On Collision!

     On Wednesday November 2, early in the morning, while I was in Paris, the weekly satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo was firebombed and its website hacked, leaving a picture of mecca along with multiple verses from the Qu'ran.
     The reason for the attack was the cover of the magazine depicting the prophet Mohammed saying:"100 lashes if you don't laugh your heart out!". Additionally, the magazine had been retitled Charia Hebdo for the occasion. I am not necessarily a big fan of Charlie Hebdo, yet the magazine's bombing is a symptom of a deeper problem plaguing Europe and already threatening the rest of western civilization: A complete lack of courage!
     Freedom of speech is a right that civilized countries have enjoyed for several hundred years, France is a perfect example of it. France has had a longstanding reputation of being prone to satirical literature. And yes, the staff at Charlie Hebdo has often pushed the envelope too far, which has gotten them in trouble before.
  On the other hand,  Numerous cartoons are published weekly all over the middle east depicting Jewish people and Israelis killing, eating, maming and abusing Palestinians. Some of them are extremely graphic and offensive as those making fun of the Holocaust or using the crucifixion to depict what Jewish people are doing to the Arabs.
     Yet, to date we have not seen ONE Arab embassy bombed, we have not seen ONE Arab newspaper destroyed, we have not seen ONE person hurt as a result of the Arab media's vitriol constantly thrown at Israel. Why? Because even though in very bad taste, freedom of speech is such that a lot and often too much can be said about someone without risking any punishment, it is still FREEDOM of speech!
     Organization such as the Anti-Defamation League are usually quick to denounce such acts, and rightfully so, but their cries only go as far as asking for an apology and/or a retrieval of the insulting cartoon.
     The Arab world in general and radical muslims in particular know this very well. As a matter of fact, they [islamists] use freedom of speech every single day to promote their destructive agenda. Western civilization created an environment condusive to freedom of speech, freedom of press and freedom of religion, but that goes against the grain of Sharia, so for radical Islam, it must be stopped.
     The problem is that those who will do anything to nip freedom of speech in the bud live in countries where they have been welcome for decades but have refused to integrate, slowly recreating a retrograde society based on a system that hasn't evolved in 1400 years. And very few people will do anything to stop them.
     Many countries of Europe are succumbing under the pressure of radical Islam. France is way up on the list with England. As a matter of fact, France has the largest community of Muslims in Europe and it is now a recognized fact that that very community has become an unavoidable voting block. The result is that President Sarkozy, who is months away from a second presidential race, must tread lightly when reprimanding any Muslim act of violence or destruction. Voting "YES" for the inclusion of Palestine into the UNESCO might help his numbers as well, and of course, calling Benyamin Netanyahu a liar in a (not so private ) conversation with President Obama during the G20 summit in France, will go a long way towards appeasing the muslim vote and possibly putting Sarkozy back in the Elysee Palace for a second term.
     France needs the chutzpah to corral the muslim community into the ideological arena that most of the western world is in, but I fear that multiculturalism and tolerance, the very tools that they thrived to use to create a better world are now bitting them back.
     The French still know how to live and how to eat but they have forgotten how to stand for truth and freedom of speech...ANY FREEDOM for that matter!
     Sharia welcome, Israel beware!