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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Islamophobia or Islamomania?

The fight for the Ground Zero mosque continues. Muslims all over America claim that Islamophobia is responsible for for the many road blocks that the project has seen so far. the "Park51" project was renamed to alleviate criticism about the more arrogant original name "Cordoba Project". The mosque has a very good chance of being built no matter what the American voice is on the matter. Today 70% of American oppose the mosque. They don't oppose it because it is a mosque, they don't oppose it because of Islamophobia, but they simply oppose it because of its proximity to Ground Zero, a sacred ground in the American Psyche of the 21st century.
Islamophobia is nothing but an Islamist propaganda to victimize muslims while they continue to infiltrate all levels of our government, schools and private sector.
Sure there are people who hate muslims in America. Hatred and racism will always exist and should always be fought in the name of freedom and because God created us ALL in His image.
New York Daily News writer Abdul Rahman Muhammad IS a muslim, yet he brings a balanced perspective to the misnomer called "Islamophobia". (take a minute to read his article)