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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You can be Bold when you speak the truth!

A few weeks ago, the world turned its attention on a humanitarian shipment en route to Gaza. The Israeli Defense Force had just "Descended" on the ship to viciously attack its passengers who were coming from Turkey with humanitarian aid and peace at heart. Sounds good? Maybe not, but it sure echos what the liberals and anti-Israel activists (is there a difference) are saying.
As much as the antisemites of the world want to vilify Israel and demonize the Jewish people worldwide, the truth is that the IDF was not seeking violence and that the "Peace Activists" were not so peaceful!
Now that the dust has somewhat settled, the world has readjusted their vision and Israel doesn't appear to be so cruely guilty after all. Don't expect an apology from anybody though!
In the meantime, a few people are bold enough to speak the truth and they need to be acknowledged.
One of these men is Indiana Congressman Mike Pence who in a recent speech, said it like it is and I applaud him for that.

Thank you Mr. Pence

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Again, Peacemakers are viewed as War mongers!

It's all over the news...Israel is the bad guy again for hindering "Humanitarian aid to Gaza".
The flotilla from Turkey did indeed carry much needed aid for Gaza. But what appears to have been an Israeli violent attack was really a reaction to a mobbing of the IDF soldiers who had descended onto the largest ship of the flotilla, S.S Mavi Mamari.
As reported by an Israeli Naval Force Commando sailor in an article on Ha-Aretz (see full article)
"We came to speak, they came to fight".
The entire world has found a new or renewed reason to hate Israel. Don't confuse them with the facts, just allow the world to dispense their vitriol about Israel. (watch news clip)
Additionally, if you are interested in the facts...just the facts, there is a very good article here
It is just a matter of days if not hours before we see a global surge of Antisemitism.
One more reasons for followers of Yeshua to be on their knees and lift-up Israel and the Jewish people. Don't forget to also pray for our enemies! (I know...easier said than done!)
Matthew 5:44 - But I say to you, love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you.